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Airtel Nigeria Leads Telecom Market Surge


In a recent revelation from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Airtel Nigeria has emerged as a standout performer in the country’s telecommunications sector, marking significant gains in market share over the past year. According to the NCC data, by the end of March 2024, Airtel Nigeria has grown its market share over the last year into a remarkable 29%, solidifying its position as a leading telecom provider in the region.

In stark contrast, other mobile network operators such as MTN and 9mobile have faced considerable setbacks, with MTN witnessing a notable 3.19% decline in market share and 9mobile experiencing a 0.5% decrease. Even Glo, a prominent player in the market, saw a decline, albeit less pronounced, with a 0.58% drop in its share of internet subscribers.
Airtel Nigeria’s success story goes beyond market share gains.

The company has also witnessed a substantial surge in its share of internet subscribers, boasting an impressive 165% basis points increase. This surge correlates with the launch of Airtel 5G, which the company began rolling out in June 2023 and underscores the telco’s continued push to grow its customer base nationwide.

Airtel Nigeria’s ascendancy in the telecom market comes at a pivotal moment when mobile network operators face challenges of rising operations cost and exchange rates volatility. The company’s recent results solidify its position as a frontrunner in Nigeria’s telecom landscape.