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FCCPC…….Responsive and responsible customer care unit a must for companies

Babatunde Irukera, FCCPC boss

The Chief Executive Officer of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, Mr. Babatunde Irukera has charged companies and organisations involved in sale of products and services to ensure that they have responsible and responsive customer care services.

Mr. Irukera who made the remark at a media round table with FCCPC in Lagos pointed out that Nigerians today are far more demanding and insistence on better products and services from companies/ organisations than they were doing before, hence the need for a functional and responsive customer care units.

Mr. Irukera said that government in all its inefficiencies, regulatory bodies have become more accessible and easier to reach as private companies who offer the products and services are only interested in making profits.

Mr. Irukera who listed the efforts of FCCPC in tracking Shylock on -line money lenders said that there are approximately over 70 to 90 online lending applications operating in Nigeria while some are legitimate but use illegal approach in tracking their debtors others are operating illegitimately and efforts to track down the illegitimate ones from Google play store has been challenging.

The FCCPC boss pointed out that unsecured lending has higher interest rates because the risks and security is high.

He added that one of the challenges they are having in the telecommunication sector is transparency in billing particularly in the area of data.

Mr. Irukera who noted that what FCCPC intend to achieve is to educate people of their rights, maintained that the media is a critical infrastructure in the constitution obligation of the government to protect the consumers interest.