Kogi set for media leaders at NMMA 2021

Yahaya Bello

All is set for the 29th edition of annual recognition and celebration of the Nigerian media professionals and institutions by the Nigeria Media Merit Award Trust (NMMA) a 4-day Grand Awards which will be held in Lokoja Kogi State from 28th to 31st of this month.

The NMMA Administrators had earlier shortlisted a few states for the special hosting of the NMMA 2021 program outside Lagos and Kogi State emerged from the North-central zone.

Kogi State Government has set necessary structures required for successful hosting of the NMMA Grand Media Programme in the State and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the NMMA to host the event with structured roles and responsibilities to achieve a memorable hosting of the event.

Dr Haroun Al-Rashid Adamu
Chairman – NMMA Board of Trustees

Call for Entries
Crucial preparations for the 29th edition of the Award program began with the “Call for Entries”, inviting journalist from all over the country to participate in the programme by forwarding their best works for the past year 2020 to the Administrators for diligent assessment by the esteemed Panel of Assessors (POA) of NMMA.

Record Breaking Entries
The exercise lasted for about six weeks from mid-June to end of July 2021. Notwithstanding the effects of the pandemic in the year 2020, a record-breaking 1050 Entries from 731 Entrants was received from across the nation, making it one of the largest number of Entries received since inception of the NMMA in 1991/92. A breakdown and analysis of these will be provided subsequently.

Strengthen the Panel of Assessors
The 2021 Panel of Assessors was mandated to assess the entries received within a scheduled period as provided in the annual plan. The Panel of Assessors (POA) for 2021, made up of 25 accomplished professionals was reconstituted and strengthened with nine new members to bring freshness and innovation into the assessment process. The final report has been rescheduled for Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October to conclude all processes involved.

All nominees duly approved by the board of trustees will be contacted within one week i.e. latest by 14th October and their package to attend the grand award ceremony delivered promptly.

Grand Programme With Five Major Events PLUS
As stated earlier, the NMMA has gradually evolved as a Grand Media Excellence Retreat, providing a unique opportunity for leaders and accomplished professionals to relax, refresh and refocus on the progress of the industry. The NMMA KOGI 2021 programme will feature five major events.

The first will be the Chief Host’s Grand State Reception for all Media Leaders – veterans, chief executives, editors, and nominees of NMMA. Others expected at the grand reception include leaders of Corporate Nigeria from across the nation especially those from the ten neighbouring states, particularly from FCT-Abuja. The State Government will be making a presentation on Kogi State to the august gathering at an interactive session with national and global media leaders in attendance.

The second major event is the Media Heroes Nite of Tributes, a special fanfare session to recall and acknowledge the contributions of media professionals who have passed in recent years after meritorious service to their fatherland. Part of the vision of NMMA is to recognize and salute past media heroes.
The third major program will be the Annual Media Leaders Roundtable holding on Saturday 30th October, hosting an impressive assembly of veterans and current leaders of the media. Focus will be on current issues and challenges of the media industry fostering professionalism, excellence and service to Nigeria.

The fourth program is the unique tour of the three senatorial districts by three groups of media professional and accredited guests. The program provides a unique opportunity for visitors and professionals to know a little more about the state. It is usually a very informative and popular programme.
The fifth and highly celebrated will be the Grand Award Presentation Ceremony which, of course, is usually one of the most exciting and prestigious evening of excellence for the media industry. The package for this year is structured to be spectacular and an update on this will be provided in due course.
There are a few other side events, one-on-one meetings with State Government officials and interaction with visiting leaders of Corporate Nigeria.

Hospitality and Security
Kogi State Government has gone the extra mile to ensure that the NMMA KOGI 2021 provides a very safe, secured, relaxing and memorable experience for media leaders, nominees and guests at NMMA KOGI 2021. The state government has also made far reaching commitments in ensuring security for all guests attending, from pick-up at Abuja to Lokoja Kogi State and back. For those coming from other parts of Nigeria, adequate security is assured on all routes to Kogi State with the support of federal security agencies to ensure a hitch-free NMMA KOGI 2021.

The administrators of NMMA, led by the Project Director NMMA 2021, Mr. Adewumi Adediran, and the General Administrator, Mr. Tosan Ayoola Faluyi, are confident that the programme will showcase excellence at every stage to celebrate the Nigeria media.

Kogi Media Leaders’ Support
Kogi State Government has gone ahead to mobilize all Kogi State media veterans, leaders and professionals to come home and join the State Government in hosting the biggest media event in Nigeria come 28th to 31st October 2021.

The message is, come let’s “GO Kogi” for Media Excellence Retreat 2021.