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MoMo PSB Advocates for API Integration Across Africa


MoMo Payment Service Bank (PSB), a leading digital financial services player, recently held an Open API Business session in Lagos.

The event, which featured presentations and live demonstrations from innovators in the tech ecosystem, focused on how APIs can drive innovation, improve efficiency, and expand market reach for businesses across the continent.

An API is a set of protocols and tools that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. By using APIs, developers can integrate new functionalities into their applications without having to build these features from scratch. This can significantly accelerate development processes, reduce costs, and enable more seamless user experiences.

Nigeria has the biggest market for the world’s largest tech companies. This is largely due to its vast population, which provides a substantial consumer base, and its rapidly growing digital economy. Tech giants are increasingly recognizing the potential of Nigeria’s tech market and are making significant contributions to the Nigerian economy. By enabling businesses to monetize data, forge profitable partnerships, and open new pathways for innovation and growth, APIs can drive digital transformation and shape the future of software development.

Elsa Muzzolini, Chief Commercial Officer, MoMo PSB, emphasised the broader impact of API integration in her opening remarks. “In the face of challenging macroeconomic conditions, we believe that we all have a role to play in creating services and jobs for Nigerians.”

Emphasising the transformative potential of APIs for the tech community, Muzzolini said “Innovators across Nigeria are encouraged to harness the robust infrastructure provided by MoMo. By developing services on the MoMo platform, they can pioneer solutions that will transform access to digital financial services for Nigerians.” No matter where you are located, you can engage with MoMo support and incorporate MoMo as a payment option on your platform. The MoMo API can be used to integrate a diverse range of products, catering to sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, payments, and collections. Our vision is to empower every visionary with our API, providing them with the tools to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.”

Speaking at the event, Dwaipayan Ghosh, Head, Fintech Platform Architecture, MoMo PSB, provided insights into the layered architecture of the MoMo API Platform. Ghosh described the platform as “A combination of multiple platforms with a layered architecture.” He emphasised that each layer, starting from the interface where partners connect to the core banking application, incorporates robust security measures.

Elaborating on the platform’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data integrity, Ghosh stated that “Not only is the data encrypted, but it is also subjected to rigorous integrity checks at every layer. This ensures that the data remains consistent and accurate throughout its lifecycle.”

The event underscored the collaborative spirit necessary for building a robust API ecosystem. By bringing together various stakeholders, from developers to business leaders, it highlighted the importance of shared knowledge and resources in driving technological advancements. The presence of partners, including AgriTech providers, educational technology services, and payment aggregators, demonstrated the diverse applications and industries that can benefit from API integration