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NCAC and CBAAC Strengthen Ties


In a bid to strengthen collaboration and foster a mutually beneficial relationship, the Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Mr Obodoechina Ukpabi Asika and his team paid a courtesy visit to the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC)

The visit, which took place at the CBAAC headquarters in Lagos, saw Mr Asika and his team receive a warm welcome from the Director-General of CBAAC, Mrs Aisha Augie with her management team.

The delegation was treated to a comprehensive tour of CBAAC’s facilities, showcasing its rich rare cultural collections and notable achievements.

Mr Asika commended CBAAC’s efforts in promoting African arts and culture, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in preserving Nigeria’s cultural legacy. “We are impressed by the great work CBAAC is doing in promoting our cultural heritage.

The Centre’s museum is reminiscent of those in America, and we believe that by making available the needed support and working together, we can achieve more and showcase our rich culture to the world,” he said.

On her part, Mrs Augie commended NCAC’s dedication to developing the arts and culture sector, highlighting the need for joint initiatives to showcase Nigerian culture globally.

“We appreciate NCAC’s support in promoting arts and culture in Nigeria. We look forward to working together on projects that will take our culture to the next level,” she stated.

The visit also featured discussions on potential areas of collaboration, including content development, cultural exchange programs, and capacity building. The teams agreed to work together on joint projects that will promote Nigerian culture and arts, both locally and internationally.

Both organizations agreed to support each other and work together with a commitment to regular dialogue and exploration of joint projects that will solidify a stronger partnership between NCAC and CBAAC as such will yield fruitful outcomes to enhance Nigeria’s creative industry, arts, and cultural heritage.

The visit also demonstrated the commitment of both organizations towards promoting Nigerian culture and arts and their dedication to working together to achieve this goal.