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Nigeria woes investors @ GITEX 2020


The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Issa Pantami has told the participants at Africa Investment Forum (AIF) at the on going GITEX 2020 that Africa with the youngest population in the world stands the opportunity to rule in the digital space.
Addressing a group of investors from Middle East, Europe, America and Asia who attended Africa Investment Forum (AIF) 2020 at the ongoing (GITEX) Dr Pantami said Nigerian digital startups are ready for investments because they are driving innovation in fast-growing sectors such as fintech, healthtech, agritech, media and entertainment, e-commerce, e-mobility, and e-logistics; contributing to Continent’s growing Internet gross domestic product (iGDP).
The African Investment Forum (AIF) is an annual event at GITEX and has become a great opportunity to showcase Africa’s potential to the world.
Africa, like some speakers have said, ‘if not China, who will build Africa’.
The truth according to them is that Africans will build Africa because they have unique opportunities to contribute immensely to the global digital economy given the size and population which remain competitive advantages.
The Director General of NITDA who attested to the fact that the world economy was shifting from the previous way of doing things said the new normal is powered by technology and technology is driven by the people.
Mallam Abdullahi said that Africa with the youngest population in the world stands the opportunity to rule in the digital space and added that Nigeria’s presence at GITEX 2020 was to show case Africa/ Nigeria talents to the world pointing out that it is Africa that would build Africa.
Mallam Abdulahi noted that three things are creating and shaping the African economy. Including available, affordable and fast internet connectivity. Secondly, startups transforming the business landscape and the economy in general. Thirdly, the commitment to create the world largest-single free trade area.
In a presentation, the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Issa Pantami said Nigeria is the strategic gateway for investment in Africa pointing out that an investor in Nigeria have technically invested in Africa because Nigeria is centre of Africa with proximity to other regions on the Continent.
Dr Pantami said the country has a robust workforce, who are resilient and ready to learn.
The Deputy Chairman Senate committee on Communication said Nigerian has laws that are investor-friendly
In a presentation a business consultant Mr Eric Odikwaaa from Ghana said Africa will overtake Asia by 2020 pointing out that the demographic dividend by is in Africa favour.
The theme of the Forum was “”Nigeria and Africa Business Focus: Start up Entrepreneurship and Digital Economy..

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