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NLC to picket Turkish Airlines today

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The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Lagos State Chapter is to mobilize its members in the aviation industry to picket Turkish Airlines in Lagos with effect from Tuesday(Tomorrow).

The exercise is to continue until all staff of Turkish Airlines who have been sacked, dismissed, forced to abandon duty, or forced to resign under duress, including those victimized for their union membership in 2020, have been fully restored to their jobs without any losses of any kind.

In a statement signed by the Acting General Secretary, NLC, Lagos state chapter, Comrade Chris Uyot, frowned at the action of the airline in dismissing seven (7) out of eleven members of the National Union of Air Transport Employees, NUATE, without benefits under alleged trumped up charges and using a disciplinary committee constituted outside the dictate of the prevailing Conditions of Service as negotiated with NUATE.

“By the above action of unjustifiable dismissal of their workers, the management of Turkish Airlines has put to waste ten-fourteen years of service. And this fate has befallen these hapless workers purely on account of exercising their constitutional right to belong to a trade union. Congress will not tolerate this situation”.

More provoking, according to the NLC are plans to get rid of the remaining four members to pave way for the engagement of new staff who would be compelled not to join the Union, or in the alternative to procure a General Service Agreement.

All affiliate unions in aviation have been charged to mobilize for the picketing, adding that, the FCT Council is to stand by in case there becomes a need to escalate the matter to Abuja airport.