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No doubt the world is currently facing a common and unseen enemy which has caused so much harm in the global economy; Nigeria inclusive


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased challenges faced by families, especially youths and young adults who are out of jobs.
These are the reasons behind the creation of an online platform, that will channel the youths to more positive use of the social media and address structural and practical challenges faced by families and youths in this covid 19 pandemic.
Correspondent Chioma Ezike was at the official unveiling of the on line platform and has the details.
Concerned about the increase in moral decadence in the society and break up in marriages due to the the impact of covid 19.
A relationship expert and pastor Mr Bisi Adewale decided to find a lasting solution that would help families to cope with dwindling economy and get informed on how to solve marital challenges.
The online forum ( also provides an opportunity for empowerment, acquisition of skills, advertisement of businesses for SMEs/entrepreneurs and answers to some marital issues.
The social media platform also provides opportunity for youths to engage in meaningful ventures that will help them become more resourceful through employment portals imbeded on it.
Mr Adewale who is also an author decried the fallen standard of reading culture in the society pointing out that people are now addicted to mobile phones and this was why he opted to create a social platform which people can log on to with their mobile phones.

He regretted the increase in violence at homes and separations in marriages and advised women to seek counsel when faced with marital challenges, pointing out that such could also be found on the family

Mrs Yomi Adewale


In a remark, the wife of the conveyener of the program, Mrs Yomi Adewale said government cannot meet up with all the employment demand and the platform was designed to bring together both the job seekers and the company or person looking for whom to employ.
The platform which is expected to address the employment needs of about two million people this year has answers to family issues, health, parenting contacts, employment to mention but few.