Trendupp Africa awards set to reward positive use of social media platforms


Trendupp Africa – Nigeria’s first-ever reward-based platform where creative minds are rewarded for positive impact and use of the the social media platforms -has officially announced the second edition of their awards.

Trendupp Awards is standing on the premise to celebrate creativity and the power of influence through the excellent use of social media.
It is also aimed at recognizing content creators, influencers, and brands across Nigeria based on different niches for their creative work as well as celebrate the excellent use of social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube by honouring the brains behind the creative content through awards.

The maiden edition of the awards was held in July 2021 and received a whopping 91,000 nomination entries in sixteen categories which resulted in 96 nominees and eventually sixteen winners with over a hundred thousand virtual attendance across Nigeria.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Trendsupp Africa Mr Tiwalola Olanubi it was quite commendable how much influencers and content creators have morphed and grown in leaps and bounds in the past one year as they have shed light on pressing social issues, educated and kept people entertained through their various creative content and this was why they needed to be recognised and rewarded.

He said nominations are officially open to the general public, to nominate their favourite content creators, influencers, and brands across the following categories; Force of Content: Tik-Tok, Force of Lifestyle Content, Force of Creative Arts, Force of Instagram, Force of Content: Twitter, Force of Virality, Force of Online Sensation, Force of Food Content, Force of Comedy Skits, Force of YouTube, Force of Tech Content, Force of Wellness, Force of Social Good, Force of Blogging, Force of Collaboration and the most coveted award of the night – the Force of Influence.

Trendupp Africa is one of the subsidiaries of DottsMediaHouse – Africa’s foremost digital marketing firm, known as a leading force in the influencer marketing space in Nigeria.